Occupy the London Stock Exchange – Why I support peaceful protests

Many criticise the protesters as being part of the something for nothing generation and for not liking capitalism because it is unfair. The protesters are not protesting about things being unfair they are protesting about the worldwide economic crisis, corruption and the greed of the elite.

It is true that conditions here in the UK are better than those in many other places across the world, does that mean we should accept corruption and greed because things are better here?

Capitalism makes a few people very rich. What about the child labour in other countries, where children spend their days in sweat shops to make the luxury goods that we purchase in the west? How much wages are these children being paid?

The government has injected 200 billion in to the UK economy. This is fake money, just printed out of nothing. It helps in the short term but in reality it is just devaluing the pound and causing inflation to rise. Prices go up but wages don’t go up in proportion. This is what happened in Germany before the Second World War and in the end prices went up so much that people couldn’t even afford to buy a loaf of bread. The national debt of the UK will soon be 1 trillion. Unemployment currently stands at 2.5 million. Inflation is rising. The financial depression of the 1930’s will be nothing compared to what is coming.

The governments bail out the banks when they make an enormous mess of things and then the bankers receive massive bonuses. Who bails us out when we make a mess of things? In 2008 RBS received enormous bailouts and in 2011 the directors received a combined bonus deal of 28m, while there was an increase in the number of employees receiving a zero-percent bonus.

While some of the middle class have been affected by the economic crisis, through job losses and increasing debt, at present many of the middle class are relatively untouched by the crisis. However as things progress and values of the FTSE, Euro, bonds and property fall, these people stand to lose their investments. Maybe then they will understand.

It is true that since the Second World War there has been in improvement in the standards of living and now those standards are falling as a result of corruption and bad decisions made by the government.  If things continue they way they are, we will be in the same situation as before the war or likely worse.

Also consider this, while the standard of living has improved, in most families both parents have to work to maintain that standard of living, meaning that the kids are looked after by another member of the family, or worse, strangers. Is that really an improvement?

The majority of the protesters are intelligent people with high standards that refuse to be f*cked over by the government and greedy bankers any longer. They have had enough and it’s about time. People around the world are beginning to wake up and realise that they are being screwed and they are doing something about it.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I would like to add that many of the protesters are middle class, while many others from the middle classes criticise the protests.


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