Living in Freedom

I recently had the privilege of attending a talk entitled “Living in Freedom,” by Brahma Kumaris’ Sister Jayanti. The talk, organized by Lotus House, a no profit organization that offers self development and training, was very much focused on the I AM, also known as the inner being, sixth sense, intuition, memories and personality. The inner being is a personal journey. We must listen, go into silence and allow the mind to be still.

Teacher and mentor for the past 40 years, Sister Jayanti talked about meditation and shared a great meditation technique with us. She suggested that we observe the space between our thoughts. Hold on to the space and wait for the next thought. Being in this space is a great to connect with your inner peace and channel messages. We can find hidden treasures within, rather than looking to external things such as possessions, relationships, and addictions. When we lose touch with ourselves, we have a gap and we try to fill that gap with more and more external possessions and relationships.
There are great treasures hidden within our inner world. When we focus on the external, we lose sight of these hidden treasures.

Jayanti went on to say that losing touch with ourselves also has a knock on effect on society. This can be seen in the breakdown of the environment. The problems in the world are caused by our disconnection with spirit. When we become peaceful, we create peace in the world. What would the world be like if everyone had inner peace? When we have deep-seated peace, it has a ripple effect on those around us; our family, friends, colleagues, the world, and even the stars.

There are two things we can trust and those are God and our inner being. Therefore we need to deepen our faith in God, and learn how to access these hidden treasures.

Jayanti concluded her talk by talking about self-esteem and its relationship to our inner being. One of the biggest consequences of being disconnected to our inner being is a lack of self esteem. Our self-esteem often depends on our job, relationship, or possessions.

Women’s identity often depends on pleasing the men in their life. Salaries for women in Britain are still less than those of their male counterparts.

We need to learn who I am and the value of me. The value I give myself is the value others see. When we respect ourselves, we are more likely to respect others and the world around us.
One reason for our lack of self-esteem is that we don’t know who we are because our behavior conflicts with our values. We don’t behave in line with our values and that leads to a lack of dignity and self-respect.

Another reason is our dependency on external things. When we learn that we don’t need any of these things we become free.

I had the honor of meeting and interviewing Sister Jayanti after the talk. She was clearly hungry, eating a nutritious lunch of fresh fruit while we talked. No wonder she is so slim! Sister Jayanti, appears to have high self esteem, emanating an aura of tranquility and inner peace, whilst being completely free of ego.

Sister Jayanti Bio
For the last 40 years, BK Jayanti has been a teacher, mentor, international speaker and emissary for peace. She is an author and broadcaster, and travels the world addressing issues relating to social and women’s affairs, the environment, intercultural and interfaith relationships and movements for world peace, amongst others. She places importance and emphasis on the spiritual and human dimensions that are so often missing in world matters today.

Jayanti is the European Director for the BKWSU (Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University:, and their Non-Governmental Representative at the United Nations in Geneva.

Lotus House
Lotus House provides an opportunity for people from all religious and cultural backgrounds to explore their own personal ethics, values and spirituality, and learn skills of self-management, self-reflection and meditation for the purpose of a better society and a better Egypt.


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  1. Posted by merna on March 2, 2012 at 10:41 am

    hello, im glad i stumbled upon your article. Seems like such an awesome event.
    Where in Cairo is Lotus House located, and do they have a website? i cant seem to find out any info online about them


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