What if we all stood together?


Saturday 11th June 2011 marks a truly epic event, to be held by people of all ages and races across the Globe. Created by Ryan Mathie, the Standing together. With everyone. For everyone. event aims for people to spend five minutes connecting with each other, all over the world, seeing the true greatness in themselves and others.

Mathie was inspired by the events of the Egyptian revolution. He told me,

“In April this year I was attending a workshop looking at the amazing movement in Egypt, when a Facebook Page was created as a place where the whole country could unite and use its collective power to do something so extraordinary and so big as to overthrow a corrupt dictatorship. I was totally inspired in a way that I have never been before. I looked at the possibilities beyond politics – humanity. I said to myself: ‘if it can work for Egypt, it can work for the world’. The next day I created the community What if we all stood together?”

Mathie went on to create the Standing together. With everyone. For everyone. event?

“The idea is simple; if we all stood together, with everyone, for everyone, then there would be no war, hunger, poverty etc. We would be too busy being together in unity, peace and love. The event is about taking a step in this direction and calling all who attend it to taking on an action to actually make it happen – big or small – in their own homes and communities.”

Nearly 150,000 people have been invited to the event on Facebook, with nearly 20,000 attending and over 105,000 maybe attending. Each invitee is encouraged to invite their contacts in turn.

Consider this, what if we DID all stand together in connection for five minutes across the globe? What if we did this for more than five minutes, or on a regular basis? Could there really be an impact on society, world peace, hunger, poverty, and alike?

A meditation experiment in Washington D.C. in June and July of 1993, saw a 23% drop in violent crime during an 8-week period. AllTM – Transcendental Meditation states “Researchers predicted in advance that the calming influence of group meditation practice could reduce violent crime by over 20 percent.”

Dr. David Edwards, University of Texas- Austin, says,

“This work and theory that informs it deserve the most serious consideration by academics and policy makers alike.”

This is in line with the concept of the law of attraction, what you focus on is what you get, or thoughts become things, as made popular by books and films such as The Secret and What the beep do we know?. The idea is that our words and thoughts send out vibrations that have an impact, not only on our world, but on the world at large.

David Orme Johnson, lead investigator and former chair of the psychology department at M.U.M., says,

“When the mind quiets down to this field level of consciousness, qualities inherent in this underlying field become enlivened in individual consciousness, such as perfect order, balance, harmony, and infinite correlation. As a result, the individual becomes as if a transmitter of orderliness and peace in society, analogous to the way that a television or radio transmitter enlivens the electromagnetic field in a specific manner and then transmits waves through the field that can be picked up at a distance.”

So I urge everyone across the globe to stand together and connect at this historic event on Saturday and take note of the impact. In the words of Ghandi, Be the change you want to see in the world.” Details of the event can be found at the Standing Together. With everyone. For everyone. Facebook event page or join the global community to keep up to date with future events.



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