Things turn nasty in Cairo’s Tahrir Square as the Army turns on protestors

Wednesday 9th March

Eye-witness, Mohamed Magdy aka Snoopy told me his story of what he witnessed in Tahrir Square on Wednesday 9th March.

He recounts that he headed down to the square at about 4.30pm. There was nothing much going on at first. The protesters were in the middle of the square and had built a fence and checkpoints around them, to deter people that were trying to force them to leave.

Snoopy joined fellow protesters behind the fence and they updated him on recent events. Suddenly, someone said “Quick, they’re coming,” and Snoopy looked up to see it was the army. Snoopy and the others thought that the army was coming to protect them but they soon realized that the army was attacking. There were a few officers with automatic machine guns but they were just for show. Most officers were armed with sticks and there were also civilians with sticks. To begin with they were just using the sticks to destroy the tents. The civilians were chanting “The people and the army are one hand.”

The protesters started running away but the civilians were catching them and handing them over to the army. Snoopy was filming the whole thing on his camera and he started retreating away from the square as the army started confiscating cameras.

Snoopy did not witness the army hurting anyone but he did see and film a young man who had obviously been hit and there are reports of people being arrested and tortured.

Rami Essam, singer of the Egyptian Revolution, tells how he was arrested and tortured by the army. His testimony and videos are featured on website, Alive in Egypt. He says “Please help us spread the facts, if you are with freedom of speech and the freedom to protest, regardless of whether you are with the resistance revolution or against it.”

Snoopy told me of his disappointment in the army.

“It’s bullshit. People have the right to be there. It’s wrong to make the people leave. Also there’s no need for violence. It’s f*cked up…I don’t trust the people of this country. Things won’t change until the people change. What happened over the last couple of days proves that the people are too easily manipulated.”

At this point Snoopy’s sister, Eman, chipped in,

“All the people need to calm down. This is the time to rebuild our country. If we keep revolting there’s no chance to rebuild. When horses gallop there is a lot of dust and you can’t see. We need a clear vision.”

Snoopy’s response?

“The Army should know that they are not above the law, and there are consequences for misusing their power.”

There is an ongoing debate between protesters, who are insisting on a complete regime change and those who say it’s time to get back to normal and rebuild the country and it’s economy. As my friend Doaa Elsabhy, Sales Manager, said recently on her Facebook status, “To all revolutionists: protest hard, WORK HARDER.”


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  1. Posted by sayed on March 13, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    that’s what I’ve posted in ( Egypt live in )

    man i feel so sorry about what happened 2 you BUT
    this is a the consequence of ur action
    we gained alot of great things already the whole wise and educated ppl that supported the rev. since the beginning said ( this is the work time the country is going down and needs our help )
    i’m sorry man 2 say that the real protesters went home.
    and most of the Egyptians crossed the red lines of our GREAT army and now i support the army’s action no matter what they do i will support them.
    sorry once again about what happened 2 you.


  2. As a non-egyptian outsider I began following the tweets about the revolution because I have two Egyptian friends. Reading your posts here, told in such honesty, was illuminating. Thank you for writing them. I am a blogger too and always on the lookout for inspiring blogs to follow. If it’s ok, I would like to keep following your blog. 🙂


  3. What a neat story here, Instructive item I enjoyed it very much, really cool!!!!!!!! Lovella Caleb


  4. Wow! That\’s a really neat awnser!


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